Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong to open guitar store

(Image credit: Corbis)

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day associate/former Pinhead Gunpowder guitarist, Bill Schneider, are preparing to open a guitar store in Oakland, California.

The shop, named Broken Guitars will open on April 3rd, selling used guitars, and will initially be stocked with 75 instruments from Armstrong and Schnieder's personal collections.Bill Schneider - who previously ran a music store called Univibe - told the East Bay Express, "We want to be a shop for musicians. The focus is used American guitars: Gretsch, Fender, and not necessarily just vintage ones."

Schneider added that the store will aim to have a general price range of $400-$800, serving players who want an instrument that falls between entry-level and pricey vintage guitars. Broken Guitars will also sell amplifiers, and carry out repairs, with an in-house luthier on hand.

Broken Guitars opens on April 3rd, and will be located at 423 40th Street, Oakland.

Stuart Williams

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