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Green Day post more studio footage online

"Like my screensaver? It's my puppy."
"Like my screensaver? It's my puppy."

Green Day know how to have a blast in the studio, and they've posted another clip online to prove it.

In this exciting video, we see Tres Cool playing a fairly standard rock drum part. But look closely and you'll see what an astounding drummer he is: why, he doesn't even have to hit the snare for it for make a sound! (That's because the audio is out of sync with the video.)

Then we move along to multi-instrumentalist Jason Freese (and brother of drummer Josh Freese) having his picture taken. More good times.

Finally, we have producer Butch Vig showing something on his laptop to bassist Mike Dirnt, who proceeds to plunk along on his four-string. Yep, these guys are some hardcore party animals!

No sign of Billie Joe Armstrong, however. Undoubtedly he's too pooped from merry-making to show up in the studio.

Okay, we kid. But we'll be the first to admit that Green Day's album, due out sometime next year, is probably going to kick a donkey's ass. American Idiots these guys aren't.