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Graph Tech makes guitar machine head changes easy with Inviso-Match Mounting System

Picture the scene: you've removed your guitar's old machine heads, ready to fit shiny new ones, only to discover the holes don't align - and the last thing you want to do is drill new holes in the headstock of your prized axe.

Fortunately, Graph Tech has a solution in the Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System, designed for the company's Ratio Balance Geared Machine Heads: the set of plates match with most mounting screw configurations, allowing the Ratio Machine Head to be clipped in and tightened using a grommet on the other side.

The system is bound to make machine head-replacing life easier - provided you're keen on Graph Tech's Ratio tuners, of course.

Inviso-Match plates are available now in brushed aluminium (£4.79/$5.95); chrome, black, nickel (£7.49/$9.95); and gold (£14.49/$18.95) finishes.