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Free guitar recording software lets you collaborate online

RiffWorks T4 lets you record and collaborate for free.
RiffWorks T4 lets you record and collaborate for free.

Sonama Wire Works has released RiffWorks T4, a free version of its RiffWorks guitar recording software. This enables you not only to record songs on your own, but also to collaborate with other musicians from around the world.

RiffWorksT4 is designed to make recording simple. It features seven effects (multi-band compression and distortion, modulation, delay, reverb, compression and EQ) and an InstantDrummer tool. This offers adjustable intensity and variation controls and enables you to create rhythm parts quickly.

The software's collaborative features sound promising, too. Up to four musicians can work on a song simultaneously, while any tracks you record are automatically streamed to your co-creators and will play in sync with the drums. Songs can be saved on and then opened at a later date.

RiffWorks T4 can be downloaded now from the Sonama Wire Works website.