Foo Fighters to release 'Best Of' album

Grohl and friends get their hits out...
Grohl and friends get their hits out...

Foo Fighters are set to release a career-spanning compilation including two new songs, simply entitled The Best Of, on 10 November.

So far there has been no official confirmation beyond the album's inclusion on Sony's release schedule. However, reports suggest that there will be a regular version released alongside a 2-CD set featuring extra singles.

The tracklisting has yet to be finalised, but along with two brand new songs - one of which is set to be released as a single on 27 October - we'd expect it to include most of the band's hits and be along these lines:

This Is A Call
I'll Stick Around
Big Me
Monkey Wrench
My Hero
Walking After You
Learn To Fly
Stacked Actors
All My Life
Times Like These
Best Of You
Long Road To Ruin
The Pretender

Here at MusicRadar, we find ourselves digging out the Foo Fighters' eponymous debut more frequently than any of the band's other LPs, although 1997's The Colour And The Shape gets an occasional spin.

If we were compiling the tracklisting we'd probably sacrifice some of Dave Grohl's more MOR moments in favour of rockers For All The Cows, Alone + Easy Target, Enough Space or I'll Stick Around B-side How I Miss You.

Then there's their blistering Angry Samoans cover Gas Chamber to consider. Decisions, decisions…

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