Duff McKagan offers random thoughts of 2008

McKagan is going to climb a mountain in 2009 - literally!
McKagan is going to climb a mountain in 2009 - literally!

In addition to being a member of Velvet Revolver and leader of his own band Loaded, Duff McKagan writes a weekly column for the Seattle Weekly (his hometown and where he and his family now live).

As something of a year-end wrap up, the former Guns N' Roses bassist offers what he calls "random thoughts and experiences of 2008," while at the same time casting an eye at the new year and making a few wishes and resolutions. Here are some tidbits from his piece:

Call instead of text someone

Better yet, meet for a fucking coffee! OMG: This past year has been 'the year of the text' for me. I must agree that texting someone is generally OK, but only if you also TALK to this person (LMAO). I have seen people whom I have known for a long time become socially retarded as a direct result of relying on text-messaging to do all of their bidding. I do believe (IMO) that our younger generation may be headed toward some serious social difficulties as a consequence of this technological advancement.

Go climb a mountain

Well, that is my goal for this next year, anyway. I was offered a spot to climb Rainier for this coming July and I just may finally do it! That fuckin' thing has been looking at me since I can remember.

Require politicians to read world history...

"I am confident that President-elect Obama is 'the smartest guy in the room' and will apply lessons from history" Duff McKagan

...before they commit us to war and such: If old George W had simply read a few history books about tribal warfare in the Middle East, he may have thought twice before stating that "The Iraqi people are perfectly able to govern themselves." Tribal warfare has been going on in that region since before the time of Jesus, and Saddam was just one of a long line of despots who have ruled with an iron fist in that part of the world. I do agree that Saddam and his sons were wicked bastards and should have gotten everything that was coming their way, I just wish a wider berth had been given to the IDEA of a mixed-religion Iraqi senate with real power back before we decided to invade.

Don't hear about Paris Hilton...

...and the rest of the Hollywood brat-pack at all this next year: Is anybody with me?

We elected a president with pecs

When is the last time women have been all aflutter over a politician? I came downstairs the other morning and my mother-in-law was freaking out over a news piece they had just run on Obama on the beach in Hawaii. I saw the piece a little later that same day. I think gym memberships probably saw a spike that day. This will serve as a notice to all you malcontent nations out there - our Prez can beat up yours!

Look forward to the future!

OK, so we all have borne witness to a pretty awful eight years of Bush policies. We have also all seen this credit crisis throw us into a recession that is shaping up to resemble the one we had back in the early '80's. It will probably get worse before it gets better, but it WILL get better. I am confident that President-elect Obama is 'the smartest guy in the room' and will apply lessons from history. We have got the best guy for the job. Now, if he could do something to get an NBA team back here in Seattle.

To read the rest of Duff McKagan's article, visit Seattle Weekly.

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