Davy Graham dies

Davy Graham: acoustic folk pioneer
Davy Graham: acoustic folk pioneer

Davy Graham, one of the pioneers of British folk guitar, has died at the age of 68.

According to Graham's website, he died "from a massive seizure at home after a short battle with lung cancer."

Graham is best-known for his acoustic instrumental Anji, famously covered by Simon And Garfunkel, and also by Scottish folk pioneer Bert Jansch.

Simon called Graham "probably England's greatest guitarist". Jansch said of Graham, "He's my absolute hero, always will be".

One of Graham's major contributions to the guitar was his use of DADGAD tuning - later picked up by (among others) Jimmy Page, heard to great effect on Led Zeppelin's Kashmir.

Martin guitars recently issued the OM Davy Graham signature. Read the review here.

Here's video of Davy Graham playing Cry Me A River from way back in 1959.