David Lee Roth gets a new virtual band

David Lee Roth: at least he can't argue with a piece of software.
David Lee Roth: at least he can't argue with a piece of software.

If you've spent a bit of time surfing this thing we call the internet, you may have come across a selection of isolated vocal recordings of David Lee Roth singing various Van Halen songs.

One of these is Runnin' With The Devil, and now an inspired user of Microsoft's new Songsmith application - which creates backing tracks based on vocal melodies - has fed this into the software and let it do its thing.

The results, as you'll discover if you click here, are truly startling.

Someone called mrzarquon is responsible for this slice of genius: the internal mic on his laptop picked up the Roth vocal and Songsmith did the rest.

"I set the Happy Slider to full," says mrzarquon - his creation certainly brightened up our afternoon.

(Via Create Digital Music)

Ben Rogerson

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