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David Lee Roth at your fingertips


Recently we told you about the fun you can have creating a virtual band for David Lee Roth using Microsoft's Songsmith application. But if you want a quick fix of Diamond Dave, we've found a program that really delivers - and it's a scream (literally).

The David Lee Roth Runnin' With The Devil Soundboard is loaded with Roth's best Van Halen-era whoops, nut-grabbing squeals and shrieks, and other crazy wails and moans.

Some of them are given hilarious titles like 'EWWWWWYEEEEAAAAAYY' and 'HHAAAAYAAAAAAAHHAAH.' All are a freakin' riot.

How's it work?

It's easy to have your own private David Lee Roth festival - all you have to do is click your mouse right here and get going. Create a Diamond Dave scream-o sound collage, drive your girlfriend crazy, or just laugh your ass off while sitting on the sofa. Yep, it's that cool!

Now, will somebody do the same with Eddie Van Halen's greatest solos?