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COMPETITION: Win a mentoring session with a guitar legend!

Mystery guitarist

Mystery guitarist

UPDATE: Click here to discover who the guitar legend is!

MusicRadar is teaming up with music recording site PureSolo to offer a genuine once-in-a-lifetime competition prize for one lucky guitarist - a personal, one-on-one mentoring session with…

We can't say.

What we can say is that the guitarist in question is a complete and utter legend who has sold millions and millions of records. That he is an absolute master musician. And that if you win the prize, your mates will be beyond jealous.

We'll be revealing all soon - the mystery guitarist, what you have to do to win plus all the competition details - but in the meantime, leave your guesses in the Comments below, click here to sign up for more information and take a good look round PureSolo because you'll be using it reeeeeal soon.

Oh, and brush up on your solos. It'll be worth it.



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