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Chris Martin leaps into crowd, runs about a bit

Run Chris, run!
Run Chris, run!

Coldplay's rock credentials have been questioned from time to time - at this year's Grammy Awards, they went as far as to admit that "We're kind of the limestone of rock bands. Not as hard, but still charming".

However, Chris Martin's decision to leap off stage and run through an Australian crowd at the weekend might just have enhanced them a little.

The incident occurred at Sound Relief, a gig in aid of the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire appeal. Coldplay were in the middle of performing Fix You when, at about 2.50 in, Martin cleared the security barrier at the Sydney Cricket Ground and sprinted through a stunned audience.

As you can see in the clip below, he was quickly mobbed by fans, and didn't even make it back to the stage for the end of the song.

After a prolonged silence he did manage to rejoin his bandmates and, ever the professional, proceeded to perform Fix You's closing bars.

As you'll see, though, he was knackered.