Bob Dylan offers 'Nothin'' for free

Money for 'Nothin'"? For one day, it's free
Money for 'Nothin'"? For one day, it's free

You say Bob Dylan never gave you 'nothing' for free? Well, that's all changed, as Mr. Zimmerman is offering a new track Beyond Here Lies Nothin' as a free download.

But here's the catch: it's available for one day only, from now until midnight 31 March.

Beyond Here Lies Nothin' is the first track from Dylan's upcoming album Together Through Life which will be released by Columbia on 28 April.

Beyond Here Lies Nothin' is a live-sounding, jaunty cut, with Dylan singing in a clear (for him anyway) voice, articulating each word. There's some fine bluesy guitar bends on the song, but in an interview posted on his website earlier this month, Dylan explained his aversion to big guitar solos on his albums.

"Soloing is not a big part of my records anyway. Nobody buys them to hear solos" Bob Dylan

Dylan wants dynamics

"Soloing is not a big part of my records anyway. Nobody buys them to hear solos. What I try to do is to make sure that the instrumental sections are dynamic and are extensions of the overall feeling of the song."

Together Through Life, produced by Jack Frost, was recorded late last year, prompted by the composition of a new song, Life Is Hard, which was written for a forthcoming film La Vie En Rose by French director Oliver Dahan.

The new album will be the 46th (!) release from Bob Dylan, and follows 2006's platinum-selling Modern Times, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top 200 and reached the top of the charts in seven additional countries.

To download a free MP3 of Beyond Here Lies Nothin', visit the official Bob Dylan website. But you'd better act fast, as in right now - or else you'll get...nothin'.

Joe Bosso

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