Blur reunion cut short by the law?

Blur are back. But not for long?
Blur are back. But not for long?

Blur's reunion for a summer '09 show got every fan excited. First it was a one-off Hyde Park show, then two.

Hopes were still high for new music, too, but now they're headlining Glastonbury and Manchester before their 'reunion' gig at Hyde Park. Oh, and they're headlining Scotland's T In The Park and Ireland's Oxegen also.

And now, drummer Dave Rowntree says he plans to return to his aspiring law career as soon as Blur's summer dates are over.

Speaking of his recent work at a London law firm, Rowntree told The Independent: "I only went along for a day but then they said I could go in once a week as work experience. Now I go in three times a week. Hopefully I can go and work there when I'm finished with the Blur tour."

The drummer-turned-lawyer also plans to stand for the Labour Party in the next general UK election. He stood in London council elections in 2007, but failed to get elected.

While Rowntree is certainly being honest, one wonders what Blur devotees actually think of this?

The 'one-off' reunion has now become anything but that. And the drummer has announced his post-tour career plans before the first snare is hit.

Some might reasonably think Blur's live dates are simply about money…?