Blackstar teases new product launch for 1 Nov with cryptic video

Blackstar is gearing up for a new product launch on 1 Nov with the release of a cryptic teaser video. While we can't say for sure what the new product is, we can try to decipher the details in the video:

  • The 46-second video shows the silhouette of someone playing, along with the outline of a box (an amp head?) on top of another, bigger box (presumably a combo amp or speaker cab)
  • There's delay on the signal - this could be onboard or from a stompbox
  • The guitarist switches channels/sounds halfway through the video
  • The closing screen of the video consists simply of the word 'Fly', so perhaps a smaller, lighter gig-friendly amp?

Check back on 1 Nov for the big reveal, In the meantime, watch the video for yourself above.

Stuart Williams

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