Bid for a Vox amp signed by Paul McCartney

With a little luck...
With a little luck...

For over five decades, Vox amplifiers have been rocking the world and have helped define the sound of countless bands, most notably The Beatles. Now you have a chance to own a piece of rock history: a VOX AC15 HITV signed by music legend, recent Yale graduate and long-time Vox user, Paul McCartney.

The hand-wired AC15 HITV is "the finest guitar amp we've ever created, and will transport you through the golden age of Vox tone," says Vox. "We've also added a few modern tone shaping control enhancements to make it the most tonally flexible AC15 to date."

McCartney signed the amp and has put it up for auction on Ebay with all proceeds going to No More Landmines - a UK based charity that raises funds to free communities throughout the world from the threat of unexploded weapons of war.

To bid for this glorious chunk of rock history visit The auction goes live on June 9th. Good luck.

By Joe Bosso