Best of YouTube: #57

An 92 year-old drummer. Check out ages 1-100 too...
An 92 year-old drummer. Check out ages 1-100 too...

Every Friday, the MusicRadar team submits its own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net.

Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching.

This week, MusicRadar can reveal what Daft Punk star Thomas Bangalter looks like DJing without his robohelmet, how a 93 year-old plays the drums and why all rolling news channels should be Auto-Tuned. Enjoy!

The La's play Looking Glass live in 1989

Bizarre reports emerged this week suggesting that after 19 years, a second La's LP might finally see the light of day with Babyshambles onboard as Lee Mavers' backing band. Why should anyone still care? If Mavers has written anything new that's even half as good as Looking Glass it will be worth a spin or three... Chris Vinnicombe

Auto-Tune The News!

Songs featuring rampant abuse of Antares Auto-Tune and its ilk have swamped our charts recently - but here's a video that trumps anything Auto-Tune T-Pain or Kanye have ever put out. This is the news: Auto-Tuned. Chris Wickett

The White Stripes - Hello Operator (live)

In honour of our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JACK WHITE that's taking place on Saturday, time to rummage in the vaults for some classic White Stripes. My favourite Stripes album is still De Stijl so here's a fresh-faced Jack back in 1999 doing Hello Operator at the Gold Dollar in Detroit. To see a faster version at Spaceland in LA a couple of years later with Jack swapping his cheapo Crestwood Astral II for a used-to-be-cheapo JB Huto Montgomery Airline, head here. Mike Goldsmith

100 people, 100 drum beats

A short film called People In Order. 100 people aged one to 100-years-old bang a drum in age order. It's an arty three minutes… and proof that making a snare sound good is not as easy as it looks. Tom Porter

Daft Punk star DJs without his helmet

Earlier this week, Thomas Bangalter sent revellers at Ed Banger Records boss Busy P's birthday party wild - not least because he did so without wearing his trademark robot helmet. Stereogum reports that his three-song set featured his own band's Rollin' & Scratchin', DJ Mehdi's Signatune and - as you can see below - Prince's Raspberry Beret. A fantastic kind of chaos seems to have ensued. Ben Rogerson

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