Beck debuts new songs at secret show

You can't tell, but I'm really having fun
You can't tell, but I'm really having fun

It's not really a secret show when everybody knows it's going to happen. That said, Beck played his customary "secret" show last night at the Echo in Los Angeles, where he debuted new songs from his upcoming Danger Mouse-produced new album, Modern Guilt.

Looking something like Garth from Wayne's World, Beck wasted little time getting to the new stuff: following a super-tight rip of Devil's Haircut and a slightly off-center Think I'm In Love, Mr. Hanson debuted Modern Guilt and Gamma Ray. His new band shined the unfamiliar songs on with noisy guitar lines and clattering percussion, but it wasn't until the drums-and-bassy Replica, a Midnite Vultures-eque electro jam, that finally found Beck looking like he was actually enjoying himself.

Apparently, being a rock stuperstar is still hard work.

Check out the video of Beck performing Modern Guilt here.