Beatles iPod comes loaded with CDs, not MP3s

The Beatles For Sale again
The Beatles For Sale... again

So, Apple Records and Apple Inc have put trademark disputes on the back-burner to bring you the 'Limited Edition Ultimate Collector's Box: Beatles iPod Set.' Unfortunately, and not as previously reported, the iPod isn't pre-loaded with the entire Beatles back-catalogue. Instead, the box includes 16 strange objects called 'CDs', which you'll have to rip and upload yourself…

The 'specially-designed' wooden presentation box contains 13 studio albums, the two Masters CDs and the Love compilation. The iPod itself is a 120GB classic in black, etched with The Beatles' logo on the front and Abbey Road on the back. There's also a single black guitar pick engraved with 'something indistinguishable.'

Beatles ipod

Beatles ipod

The good news is that there are more than 100 available: there are actually 2500. The bad news is that they'll set you back $795 each.

It's interesting that Apple hasn't included the music in digital format. Although that's probably because The Beatles catalogue is still not available on iTunes. At least this set-up means buyers will own the music in CD quality.

The box is available exclusively from Bloomingdales.