Arcade Fire to record new material this year?

Arcade Fire could record new material this year
Arcade Fire could record new material this year

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler says the Canadian band are ready to set about recording their third album, the follow-up to 2007's critically acclaimed Neon Bible.

Butler gave an interview to local newspaper the Montreal Gazette, in promotion of the band's new documentary film Miroir Noir.

But Butler also gave an insight into the band's thoughts about new material, even hinting that an album could be forthcoming.

He said: "We feel really creative right now. We're in a really good space as a band. This last year was the first break we've had in five years. Everyone feels really rejuvenated and excited. I'm happy to play music."


The singer also spoke of his delight of Barack Obama's victory in the US Presidential election earlier this year. Butler had been an outspoken backer of the Democrat throughout campaigning, with his band playing numerous rallies and benefits.

The singer said: "As insane as the stuff we're facing is right now, I'm just so glad that there's a smart person in charge."

Miroir Noir

Miroir Noir, which is available to buy now, is directed by Arcade Fire collaborator Vincent Morisset and tracks the band's journey on the worldwide Neon Bible tour throughout 2007.

And there might be a surprise for anyone who thinks the band are boring. Butler said: "We're definitely a bunch of jokers, compared to our image. I think that comes through in the movie. Shit is dark, but that doesn't mean you can't make fart jokes."