AER introduces Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact TE acoustic guitar amp


Acoustic guitar legend and longtime AER user Tommy Emmanuel has designed his own signature acoustic amp with the German firm, the Compact TE.

Based on AER's best-selling Compact 60, the Compact TE features a number of bespoke visual touches: aboriginal art adorns one side, while Tommy's TE initials can be found on the other, as well as CGP - a tribute to Tommy's mentor, Chet Atkins, who dubbed Tommy a Certified Guitar Player (CGP).

Sound-wise, the amp adds a reverb/delay setting from Tommy's longstanding Alesis Midiverb II to the Compact TE's array of onboard effects, while the DI Out signal incorporates these effects, in contrast to the standard Compact 60.

In another personal touch, the amp's gigbag strap also features signature embroidery.

The Compact TE is available from mid-September for $1,499. If your tonal quest is to sound more like the man himself, take a look at Tommy's 8 tips for guitarists.