AC/DC want you to get 'thunder' truck

Ice cream? No, but lots of Black Ice
Ice cream? No, but lots of Black Ice (Image credit: AC/

If you're an AC/DC fan in either New York City or Los Angeles, and you also happen to be enamored with big modes of transportation, the next few days will be sheer bliss.

Beginning today (October 16), fully tricked-out Black Ice interactive trucks - easy to spot, as they'll have the distinctive AC/DC logo - will roam the east and west coast cities, stopping in various locations, and blasting the new AC/DC album for all to hear.

Not only that, but fans will be able to climb inside the trucks and try out the yet-to-be-released AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack video game and compete for concert tickets. (No word is given as to the availability of complimentary snacks or beverages, but hey, concert tickets beat chips and warm soda any day.)

And there's more: On Sunday, the trucks will become AC/DC "pop-up" stores, allowing fans to purchase physical copies of Black Ice before it's on sale anywhere else.

For a complete list of dates and locations to find Black Ice trucks in New York City and Los Angeles, visit the AC/DC website.

Joe Bosso

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