ABBA top reunion fan poll

"You like us! You really like us!"
"You like us! You really like us!"

Think Led Zeppelin is the band that the majority of music fans want to see reform? Think again. A new poll lists ABBA as the group the British public most want to reform in 2009.

As they say in the old neighborhood, "Mamma Mia!"

The poll, conducted by the concert ticket agency Viagogo, places the Swedish pop outfit, who last performed together in December 1982, at the top of the heap of dream reunions.

"We have already seen huge demand for reunions from the likes of Blur, Take That and Cliff Richard And The Shadows," says Eric Baker, CEO of Viagogo. "But ABBA would be the ultimate comeback tour - and who could put a price on that ticket?"

Well, if they said 'yes,' we're sure such a price could be worked out.

"ABBA would be the ultimate comeback tour - and who could put a price on that ticket?" Eric Baker, CEO of Viagogo ticket agency

The complete list

Coming in a strong second is a band that have already turned down millions to reform, The Smiths. We'd say the chances of a Morrissey-Marr reunion are poor at best.

Then again, who really thought they would have seen The Police partying like it was 1983 all over again? Anything is possible, especially when millions are at stake.

Here's the complete list:

2. The Smiths
3. Take That (with Robbie Williams)
4. Stone Roses
5. Guns N' Roses (with Slash)
6. Pink Floyd
7. Talking Heads
8. The Faces
9. Wham!
10. Jackson Five

And not a sign of the mighty Led Zeppelin anywhere. Just call us Dazed And Confused.

Joe Bosso

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