36 stompboxes for $99

That's a lot of pedals.
That's a lot of pedals.

Several years ago - around ten, in fact - a company by the name of DSound released an acclaimed series of virtual guitar effects pedals.

We thought we'd seen the last of them, but a new bundle has brought them all together - along with some new models.

This is being sold by Audiffex, the company that DSound is now trading as, and contains a total of 36 effects in VST and RTAS formats. All the usual suspects are included (a full list is below), and because each box comes as a separate plug-in, you can use them in any order you like.

Each stompbox shares similar graphics and controls, and it's also worth noting that the original 13 plug-ins have been rewritten and optimised.

The Guitar Pedals bundle is available now for Mac and PC. It costs $99.

The 36 included stompboxes are:

AP - Auto Pan
AT - Auto Tuner
AW - Auto Wah
CHB - Bass Chorus
BD - BPM Delay
DTB - Bass Distortion
FLB - Bass Flanger
GEB - Bass Graphic EQ
BLG - Guitar Blues Drive
ODB - Bass OverDrive
PRB - Bass Preamp
PHB - Bass Phaser
SPB - Bass Speaker Simulator
TCB - Bass Tone Control
CH - Chorus
CLG - Guitar Clean Preamp
CM - Compressor
CPG - Guitar Crunch Preamp
DT - Distortion
EC - Exciter
EG - Expander Gate
FL - Flanger
GEG - Guitar Graphic EQ
HGG - Guitar HiGain Preamp
LC - Level Control
NG - Noise Gate
OD - OverDrive
OT - Octaver
PAG - Guitar Power Amp
PE - Parametric EQ

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