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Guitar sales surge following The Cure’s Glastonbury set

Robert Smith of The Cure performs at Glastonbury Festival 2019
(Image credit: Ki Price/Getty Images)

Guitar sales have seen a sharp increase in the days following The Cure’s headline set at last week’s Glastonbury festival.

UK retailer GuitarGuitar saw a 16% leap in electric guitars, according to The National, with a 20% increase in visitors aged 18 to 24.

Most notable was the surge in searches for Schecter guitars, of which frontman Robert Smith and bassist Simon Gallup have their own signature models: the UltraCure and Ultra Spitfire Bass respectively.

Guitarist Reeves Gabrels, meanwhile, has several Reverend signature models, and also made regular use of a Fender Bass VI and Gibson Les Paul during the band’s set.

“The world is a very different place from what it was when the first Glastonbury Festival took place in 1970,” says Graham Bell, co-founder of GuitarGuitar.

“But 49 years later it’s amazing to see that people continue to be inspired by their musical heroes and it makes us proud that we’re able to give them everything they need to emulate their favourite musicians.”

The band’s Glasto backline was unclear, but there was no sign of the Line 6 Spiders that flanked Robert Smith for the band’s recent Disintegration anniversary shows.

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