GruvGear’s new VELOC transportation system aims to make load-ins easier for drummers

Californian accessories brand, GruvGear has launched VELOC, a drum transportation designed to allow you to move your entire kit in one trip.

The system is built around an aluminium cart, which contains a magnetic rail. Each part of your kit is stored in a VELOC case, which then sits on the magnetic rail, allowing you to safely stack and move your drums without having to make multiple trips between the venue and your vehicle.

(Image credit: GruvGear)

Each case is made from an ABS shell, covered with tough-wearing fabric with top and side access to make packing up and unpacking faster. The VELOC cases also come with a GruvGear Global Recovery Tag which uses the HomingPIN technology recoginised in thousands of airports around the world.

As well as your drum shells, the VELOC system includes hardware, cymbal and pedal cases, all of which can be mounted to the cart.

VELOC is due to start shipping in June, and is available to pre-order now.

Stuart Williams

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