Gretsch announces the USA Custom Ridgeland Snare Drum

Gretsch Ridgeland snare drum
(Image credit: Gretsch)

Gretsch has announced the addition of its brand new USA Custom Ridgeland Snare Drum. Named after the town that’s home to the Gretsch USA factory, it combines some Gretsch staples with an extra-thick shell and triple-wood layup for an all-new design.

First, the Ridgeland is offered in 14”x6.5” or 14”x5” dimensions, and is made from maple, gum and poplar which has been layered to produce a shell that is nearly half-an-inch thick. 

Gretsch Ridgeland snare drum

(Image credit: Gretsch)

Next, Gretsch has cut the shell to include its classic 30-degree bearing edge, but the Ridgeland also includes a round-over profile similar to that found on Gretsch’s Broadkaster drums. The result, Gretsch says, is a warm, full bodied tone accompanied by plenty of attack.

Adding to this, the Ridgeland is also fitted with 4mm die-cast hoops, a Gretsch Lightning throw-off, 20-strand wires and Gretsch Permatone heads. 

“We’ve been in Ridgeland since 1984, and really the group of people that works there is what it’s all about for me.” says Paul Cooper, master drum builder at Gretsch USA. 

“Our crew there comes to work every day and builds these beautiful drums, and this drum really conveys what we’re trying to do. The fact that it’s named the Ridgeland Snare Drum - it’s really a tribute to them, and I believe it’s part of the mojo you get with a Gretsch drum.”  

“This is a drum I’ve been wanting to make for many years. I’m talking maybe 15 years. By taking maple, gum and poplar it gave me the opening to make an even thicker snare shell than what we normally do…with that combination of those plies and that shell, I knew we’d have a killer-sounding snare drum.”

“The fact that we were doing a hybrid shell also made me want to do an edge that I’ve wanted to do. That gives you the warmth of the round-over edge, and you still get the attack of the 30-degree edge. Taking all those components together, I think we’ve come out with a really great sounding snare drum.”

Both Gretsch Ridgeland Snare Drum models are available in all Gretsch Nitron, Satin or Gloss Lacquer finishes. For more information or to find your nearest dealer, click here.

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