“A psychedelic vintage fuzz pushing a long classic reverb, that transforms your guitar’s voice and lets it party!”: Gone Fishing Effects and Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno team up for signature fuzzbox

Gone Fishing The Sergery Sergio Pizzorno signature fuzz
(Image credit: Gone Fishing Effects / Neil Bedford via Instagram)

Gone Fishing Effects has unveiled its latest signature guitar effects pedal collaboration, as the Simon Neil-approved stompbox company announced the Sergery fuzz pedal for Kasabian frontman/guitarist Sergio “Serge” Pizzorno.

The presale for the Sergery fuzz goes live tonight, Friday 10 May at 7pm UK time, with the unit priced at £295, and as per the style of these Gone Fishing artist collabs, this looks like a fuzz like no other. 

We have heard that before but how could it not be? Just look at the Sergery – there is something missing surely. This is a “no dial” fuzz, a pedal with a footswitch and a single cross-shaped light that lets you know the pedal is on. It is a clean, minimalistic design.

As Gone Fishing says, the pedal was “born from Serge’s meticulous eye for style and design, coupled with a desire for functionality and a killer guitar sound.” And, presumably, no messing around with the dials.

The full specs of the Sergery have yet to be released. There may well be some internal trim pots for adjusting the gain, perhaps some buttons or sliders on the side of the enclosure. Gone Fishing’s description of the effect would suggest as much, because this introduces some ambience for tone seekers to take their sound off-road.

“The Sergery is a psychedelic vintage fuzz pushing a long classic reverb, that transforms your guitar's voice and lets it party!” says Gone Fishing.

All of which sounds very promising. And we should also note that there is of course one unalloyed benefit of having a pedal with no dials, and that is that you won’t accidentally change its settings when stepping on it. This is as idiot proof – or performance proof as they come.

Gone Fishing Effects enjoys a high-concept pedal. In 2022, it launched the Grim, a totally unique, one-off high-gain germanium fuzz that was raffled off to fund a short film raising awareness of suicide and mental health issues. And who could forget The Rage Of The Tsar? Another germanium fuzz, this series comprised 36 pedals each with unique art, and when assembled together they completed Chris Dorning’s illustration. 

But it’s Simon Neil’s Booooom / Blast signature overdrive/fuzz that the company is most famous for, with various limited edition runs of the pedal selling out in no time.

“It’s the pedal that I’ve been looking for most of my life,” Neil said. “We’ve taken our time to ensure that it’s everything it can be. It’s been a real labour of love.”

Good luck in finding one. Even Neil is lucky to have one on his pedalboard. They change hands for over £500. 

There’s no mention of Pizzorno’s Sergery being a limited run. But more details will be revealed tonight – and hopefully a demo video, too. Head over to Gone Fishing Effects for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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