Simon Neil and Gone Fishing Effects are bringing back his BOOOOOM / BLAST signature overdrive/fuzz pedal

Gone Fishing Simon Neil Booooom / Blast V2
(Image credit: Gone Fishing Effects)

Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil and Gone Fishing Effects have teamed up once again for a second edition of his hugely successful signature BOOOOM / BLAST overdrive and fuzz pedal

Described as the loudest effects pedal on the market, the BOOOOM / BLAST is designed and hand-built by Richard ‘Churd’ Pratt with Neil, and it is a one-stop shop for some wild electric guitar tones. 

The BOOOOM side offers you the services of a super-aggressive germanium diode overdrive that retains an “analogue transparency” that complements your rig. The BLAST side is more feral, a fuzz with a huge range, described as being able to add a little grit to full-blown square-wave nastiness. 

While we always associate Neil with the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone’s biggest fans, the BOOOOM / BLAST is a pedalboard staple of his live rig, and was providing the dirt onstage at this summer’s Reading and Leeds Festivals. 

The BOOOOM / BLAST Edition 2.0 has the exact same circuitry and build as its predecessor, and hand-painted and signed by Neil himself. A dual-footswitch unit, the left-hand side of the unit is occupied by the BOOOOM overdrive pedal controls – with Stink controlling the gain, Jaggy controlling tone, and Bang setting the volume. On the right you’ve got the BLAST, a two-knob fuzz, with Syrup dialling in the amount of fuzz and Stress controlling volume.

Pratt, who has been Neil’s guitar tech for over 20 years says the BOOOOOM / BLAST 2.0 will give you instant access to the Biffy Clyro guitarist’s tone.

“The aim was to capture Simon’s sound in a box, so anyone can play guitar and sound like him,” Pratt said. “It was much easier said than done! It’s one of the most transparent loud overdrive pedals on the market. With so many distortion pedals you get loads of fuzz and saturation, but with this the guitar still breathes. You still hear all the notes but with the extra weight and overdrive.”

“It’s the pedal that I’ve been looking for most of my life,” Neil Said. “We’ve taken our time to ensure that it’s everything it can be. It’s been a real labour of love.”

This year’s edition is resplendent with a peach stripe on white, and ships in a hard box filled with a host of goodies, including a handwritten complements slip from Neil, a booklet with notes from both Neil and Pratt, and two exclusive guitar picks.

Preorders are live from the Biffy Clyro web store from 11am (GMT) 30 November, priced with the pedal shipping expected to ship on 28 January, price TBC. With only 200 units, you'd best be quick – they'll sell out in no time.

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