Gone Fishing Effects unleashes The Rage Of The Tsar – a limited edition germanium fuzz pedal with unique artwork

Gone Fishing Effects The Rage Of The Tsar fuzz
(Image credit: Gone Fishing Effects)

Forget Boss and Sola Sound's collaboration on the Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender (not least because it sold out instantly, making our FOMO a reality), Gone Fishing Effects has put together what might be the ultimate limited edition fuzz pedal release. 

You see, Gone Fishing's The Rage Of The Tsar is fuzz pedal with unique artwork on each individual enclosure. To achieve this logistical triumph, Gone Fishing enlisted the help of the artist Chris Dorning, arranged all of the unpainted enclosures so they could sit together and form one "canvas", and commissioned the rather gnarly artwork [pictured above]. 

Of course, if you wished to assemble the whole piece in front of you, you'd have to buy all of 36 pedals in the series, but even for most fuzz junkies that would be overkill. 

Coincidentally, like the TB-2W Tone Bender (no, we're not bitter at missing out, not a bit), The Rage Of The Tsar has a circuit bejewelled with rare germanium transistors – this time Russian, hence the name. 

Everything from the circuit up has been handmade, with hand-drilled enclosures. While there are no firm details on the spec, the enclosure looks to have a simple two-knob control setup, presumably for volume and fuzz. 

Based in Preston, Gone Fishing Effects is the brainchild of Richard ‘Churd’ Pratt, who has been guitar tech to the likes of Biff Clyro, Kasabian, The Prodigy, Helmet and more. After fixing up other people's gear he has taken to making his own.

In September last year, Gone Fishing debuted the BOOOOOM-BLAST signature distortion for Biffy's Simon Neil. 

That, too, was a limited run pedal, with each of the 200 pedals coming with a booklet featuring some introductory notes from Neil and Churd, with each of the distortion pedal's enclosures signed and painted by Neil himself – the stripe artwork referencing Biffy's latest album, A Celebration of Endings. 

If you fancy owning a piece of The Rage Of The Tsar, head on over to Gone Fishing Effects on Thursday at 12 noon GMT, when it goes on sale.

Jonathan Horsley

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