Giorgia Angiuli: “Lately, I realised how important the acoustics are to get good results in music production"

Giorgia Angiuli
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For several years now nothing seems to stop Giorgia Angiuli in her creative process. Around the release of her You Shine EP in September on the famous Brazilian Label, Warung Rec, we met up the talented artist to discuss what she takes into account when talking gear and inspiration behind her latest work.

From her home studio where she shares a lot of content with her fans on social media, to her multiple trips around the world to play live, meet one of the most kawaii and colourful ladies of the electronic music scene right now.

Can you tell us about the creation of your home studio? The project, aim, colours, atmosphere... How did you equip it?

“A few months ago, I finally finished my home studio and I feel more than happy about it. To be honest, during all these years I was more focused on synthesizers and gear. Lately, I realised how important the acoustics are to get good results in music production, especially in electronic and techno music where the most important things are the low frequencies - the most difficult to hear with headphones or in rooms without good acoustic treatment. 

Lately, I realised how important the acoustics are to get good results in music production

“Then I met Donato Masci, a very professional physicist and acoustic designer, and he helped me create the perfect room for me. A very creative studio, full of colours, with a beautiful design and great sound. Thanks to his advice I am working with a fantastic Genelec system (the company was also super nice because they made custom pink monitors, just for me). So I work with 2 monitors 8341A and the sub 7370A. These monitors are incredibly precise and the stereo image is unbelievable.

“My life, as a producer, changed a lot because I finally can listen to all the frequencies very clear and my ears are never tired. It is not only about monitors but also a good acoustic treatment and a perfect calibration of the sub, that’s why I always recommend contacting professional sound engineers because, in this work, the small details can make a big difference.”

Coming from a more typical musical background, what type of instruments do you have and do you use?

“I have always been a big fan of vintage analogue synthesizers but touring a lot around the world means also to be far from my studio, so I have started to use also virtual synths and I have to say there are fantastic plugins on the market. For example, the Arturia V-Collection CS80, Solina and ARP 2600 are my favourites. They are very versatile and intuitive. I often like to change and discover new sounds but I could say that 90% of my basslines are made with the fantastic Sub 37 from Moog.”

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 You travel a lot to play live, how do you prepare your luggage for your trips?

“This question is very interesting because the check-in at the airport is always a nightmare for me and It is not easy to find good equipment: small, reliable and light. I rent the Sub 37 because it is too heavy and I am bringing always a small analogue synth, the CS01 from Yamaha, MIDI controllers, Apogee Quartet sound card and some small DIY synths. There’s also the Korg Wave Drum, a reverb from Electro Harmonix, Shure microphone and the amazing Sylphyo MIDI wind controller. 

“I think I will add in my equipment the Arturia Microfreak, it is small and really funny. I know that many artists travel with solid case created for musicians but they are also very heavy so at the moment I am travelling with four Tumi suitcases, which are very solid and at the same time super light made with polycarbonate. I always travel with a tour manager, so I can bring four. 

“I heard great feedback about the Model 1 mixer and I would love to try it. At the moment I am always renting the Xone:92 from Allen and Heath.”

Creativity can't be just limited to gear, right? What else do you need to get things out of your head? 

“I try to get inspiration from daily life and I use to recharge myself reading books of oriental philosophy. I respect all the people with a real passion that try to put their identity in their music, I love people that can stay humble and with a positive attitude. In this business, it is not easy to keep the ego feelings out.

“Creating my music I feel inspired also by new gear that forces you to use a new approach, this is why I really love to use physical objects more than VSTs, because when you touch a knob or you use wearable controllers you can discover a new dimension of sounds. At the moment, my favourites are the Sylphyo and the glove MIDI controller Specktr.

Can you describe us your last EP on Warung records? How did you compose these tracks, what is the concept behind this EP?

“First of all I am a big fan of Brazil, I love the country for the positive vibes of the crow. Warung is one of the best clubs where I have ever played. In this EP there are two original tracks and two remixes, one from the legendary Hernan Cattaneo and Lonya and another one by a resident of Warung, a very nice Brazilian producer, Zac. 

“The title track You Shine is a melodic cut, with big hits and well-crafted synth lines that extend into the sky. Take Me Back follows and is a warm and deep track with woody hits, the remix of Take Me Back by Hernan Cattaneo and Lonya is a beautifully progressive cut with scintillating chords and dreamy vocals getting you under their spell. You Shine then gets remixed by ZAC to close things out in driving, late night fashion. 

“It is a melancholic and dark EP and I played these two tracks a lot during my shows, they are emotional romantic techno tracks.”

To find out more, check out Giorgia Angiuli's website.