It looks like new Gibson Kirk Hammett and Adam Jones Flying V models are on the horizon

Flying V
(Image credit: Jeff Yeager / Instagram / YouTube)

Is 2022 the year of the V? We already have the first of the new Dave Mustaine signature model Vs in the wild. Now following on from Gibson Brand President Cesar Gueikian's interview reveal to us, Adam Jones has been using a new Silverburst V for the first Tool gigs of their new US tour. And we already know from Gueikian it's going to be a signature model. 

Jones can be seen in the video above using his V for the Fear Inoculum song Invincible. Like his signature Les Paul Custom, there's a covered neck pickup and uncovered bridge – a nod to his hero Jimmy Page?

But he's not the only one giving the V sign. Jones's friend Kirk Hammett signed on as a Gibson artist last year – though he's also very much still an ESP signature artist – and he was playing a striking purple finished V with Metallica onstage during the band's 19 December 40th anniversary show at the Chase Center in San Francisco. 

Photographer Jeff Yeager captured Hammett with the guitar onstage and the guitarist posted it to Instagram. 

At this stage specs are not known on either model but it's safe to say we'll find out more and details on their availability soon. 

Rob Laing
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