Gibson breaks cover with new guitar plans for 2021

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SUMMER NAMM: Following its recent video acoustic and electric guitar-related preview and Kramer announcement, Gibson is revealing more about its plans for the rest of the year, including Custom Shop 1958 Korina V and Explorer models, a non-reverse Thunderbird bass and Epiphone J-45  and Les Paul Slash signature models. Plus some other interesting signature guitars

First up are two guitars that are great to see, even though very few of us will ever own one. The very special 1958 Korina V and Explorer Gibson Custom Shop Collector's Edition guitars that were recently unveiled in the video above by Gibson's Mark Agnesi and Cesar Gueikian. 

They're due for release on July 27 after two years of development, recreations of what is arguably the pinnacle of both models.


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“We utilized 3D scanning technology to scan multiple Flying V and Explorers (made in 1958) to create the most authentic and identical clones humanly possible," says Gibson Brand President Gueikian. "The Collector’s Edition is limited to 19 Explorers and 81 Flying V’s [just like in 1958] and feature Murphy Lab aging, Brazilian rosewood fingerboards and historic recreation of the cases, covers and case candy."

Because of the rosewood these will be continental US releases only. No word on prices yet but think high. Historically accurate brown cases don't come cheap either! 

Jerry Cantrell

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In August there's a trio of Gibson signature models arriving; In August, the Gibson USA Tony Iommi SG Special (August 17), the Jerry Cantrell 'Wino' Les Paul from the Gibson Custom Shop (August 24), and the Gibson Acoustic Nathaniel Rateliff LG-2 Western Acoustic in Vintage Sunburst (August 31).

And on the Epiphone side there's the Slash collection of Les Pauls and J-45s we previously reported on when the Guns N' Roses man revealed the latter. 


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The Epiphone Slash Collection includes the Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard finished in Appetite Burst, November Burst, Anaconda Burst and Vermillion Burst, the Slash 'Victoria' Les Paul Standard Goldtop, and the Epiphone Slash J-45 in Vermillion Burst and November Burst. 

The Epiphone Slash Collection will be released worldwide on July 20.


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Bassists may be pleased to see the rather stunning Gibson Original Collection Non-Reverse Thunderbird bass. A 34" long-scale set neck beast in Inverness Green, Sparkling Burgundy, and Pelham Blue finish options. 

We'll have prices and more details on all these models in our Summer NAMM coverage as soon as Gibson confirm them. 

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