Get Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and The Rolling Stones drum sounds with Toontrack's Legacy Of Rock SDX

Toontrack has released its latest SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer 3, and it's a biggie. Eddie Kramer's (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many more) Legacy Of Rock has been created by the renowned engineer/producer/mixer, delivering the DNA of Kramer's iconic vintage rock drum sounds which of course, can be played from an electronic drum set or hybrid kit.

The pack was recorded at London's AIR Studios Studio 1, and offers five complete kits tuned and mic'd to recreate different eras of Kramer's career. In addition to the base shells, Kramer and Toontrack have captured three additional bass drums, six snares and a wide-range of appropriate cymbals, as well as timpani, gongs and cowbells. 

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  • Amber Kit: '70s Ludwig Vistalite based on John Bonham's The Song Remains The Same setup. The Amber kit has been sampled with sticks, mallets and bare hands 
  • Sparkle Kit: '70s Ludwig Classic Maple references the sound of John Bonham's studio kits from Led Zeppelin II, Houses of The Holy, Physical Graffiti and Coda
  • Jet Black Kit: '60s Gretsch Round Badge 
  • Oyster Kit: '60s Ludwig Super Classic both referencing the kits Charlie Watts used on Beggar's Banquet
  • Silver Kit: '60s Ludwig Classic Maple based on Mitch Mitchell's Axis: Bold as Love drum sound

The sounds are arranged into presets: 23 created by Eddie Kramer to get as close as possible to the sounds he is referencing from his career. An additional 25 kit presets have been created by Toontrack to offer a mix of contemporary and classic drum sounds from the raw samples, making use of Superior Drummer 3's on-board mixing and processing.

Eddie Kramer's Legacy Of Rock SDX is available now for $149/£129.

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