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Get iconic Bowie, Springsteen and Chic FX presets in new Apogee plugin

Getting the sound of your favourite records is the holy grail for a lot of producers, and legendary mix engineer Bob Clearmountain might just have made it a bit easier with his new Domain plugin.

Created by Apogee, this recreates Clearmountain’s personalised FX signal chain, giving you the following processors:

  • Pre Delay/Reverb De-esser
  • Pre Delay/Reverb EQ
  • Stereo Delay with Spin Time Compensation
  • Delay Blur (Saturation)
  • Stereo Unison to Octave Pitch-Shift
  • Clearmountain Spaces Convolution Reverbs
  • FX Mixer

Perhaps the biggest highlight, though, is the preset collection, which focuses on iconic sounds from the Clearmountain catalogue. So, you can choose a David Bowie Let’s Dance guitar setup, a Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA snare sound, or the delay that was used on the guitar in INXS’ Need You Tonight (to name but a few options).

The signal flow of all of these presets is illustrated on the left-hand side, which could be a great learning tool. You can tweak the presets to taste, obviously, or create your own.

Cleamountain’s Domain is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats priced at $349. You can also download a demo.

Find out more on the Apogee website. 

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