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Get a taste of some fresh, red-hot tech-metal from Jay Wud in searing full band playthrough

How’s this for an international band: Jay Wud is a Lebanese guitarist and singer, now based in Dubai, and playing with a band from Serbia, USA and Latvia. The result is a fresh take on tech-metal that infuses grunge and hard-rock influences, as you can hear on this exclusive full-band playthrough of Deception.

In the video above, you can watch Jay, as well as fellow guitarist Bojan Preradovic, drummer Joe Rickard and bassist Eriks Dilevs deliver a seriously tight rendition, complete with some remarkably tasteful, Eastern-flavoured shred from Jay and his E-II Eclipse. We’re already trying to learn that sweet diminished arpeggio lick at 0:20.

The track is taken from Transitions, Jay’s new album and the result of an impressive $30,000 crowdfunding campaign. The record is out now - head over to Jay’s site for buying links.