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Get a black Strat without breaking the bank and save $100 on this Fender Player

(Image credit: Fender)

Prime Day music deals: A black Strat can work wonders… after he recorded some of the most iconic guitar parts of all-time in Pink Floyd, David Gilmour's became the most valuable electric guitar ever sold at auction, The Edge's helped him conquer stadiums. What could you do with one? Well you'd look good, there's no doubt. And for just $599 you'd feel pretty good too we'd wager. This Fender Player Series Strat might just be our favourite guitar yet in the current sales. 

Timeless design, proven ingredients and contemporary Fender value; it's all here with $100 off the usual price at Guitar Center. It was a good deal before that, now it's unmissable. Check it out below. 

(Image credit: Fender)
Fender Player Stratocaster Maple Fingerboard Limited-Edition Electric Guitar Black

Fender Player Stratocaster Limited-Edition Black $699 $599

This limited edition Fender Player Series Stratocaster comes in a black finish on a solid alder body with a black pickguard, maple neck with modern profile and 9.5" radius, medium jumbo frets and 2-point fulcrum vibrato bridge. Three Player Series single-coil pickups and the five way selector will give you a feast of great tones.