FREE VST/AU/AAX compressor with Computer Music 254: IK Multimedia Black 76

The Urei/Universal Audio 1176 limiting amplifier is one of the most iconic hardware compressors in the universe – and this is your chance to install and use one of the best-sounding software emulations out there, worth a whopping €99!

Black 76 works as a module in IK Multimedia's T-RackS 5 mixing and mastering host 'shell', as well as an individual plugin in any VST/AU/AAX-compatible DAW.

Like the hardware 1176, it's a feedback FET compressor with four ratios (plus the 'all buttons in' mode), attack times from 20-800 microseconds and release times from 50-1100ms. It sounds uncannily like the real thing, capturing all of its fabulous bite and distortion. Black 76 also adds in a useful mid/side option for advanced stereo mixing.

Buy Computer Music 254 to claim your free copy of Black 76 (offer ends 23/05/18), and find out how it works in the video above.


  • Authentic software emulation of the iconic 1176LN compressor
  • Easy to use – simply raise input gain and reduce output level to match
  • Four ratio settings, plus the famous 'all buttons in' mode
  • Uber-fast attack and release times
  • L/R and M/S options not found on the original
  • Analogue saturation stage can be used without compression
  • Undo/Redo, Presets, plus A/B/C/D for easy comparisons

If you like Black 76, you can upgrade to the full T-RackS 5 for €180 to add a further nine modules to your rig; T-Racks 5 Deluxe for €360 to net yourself 22 modules; or T-RackS 5 Max for €600 to secure the full roster of 38 superb effects. 

All three versions also add a number of features to the T-RackS 5 host itself, too, including advanced metering and the Master Match referencing module. Head over to the IK Multimedia website for more.

NOTE: If you follow the authorisation process in the magazine and don't receive your Black 76 serial code via email, please email (Mon-Fri).

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