FREE VST/AU plugin chainer: Freestyle CM

Working in standalone or as a VST/AU instrument or effect, Freestyle CM – the exclusive Computer Music edition of New Sonic Arts’ powerful VST chainer and host – gives you all the features of the full version. It’s restricted only in that it works exclusively with our CM Plugins suite of instruments and effects.

Check out our video above to see us put Freestyle CM through its paces, scan through its extensive list of features below, and get the plugin with issue 245 of Computer Music magazine


  • Split, layer and combine VST instruments and effects via intuitive drag-and-drop
  • Browse your CM Plugins with the integrated Plugin Browser
  • Set up custom Macro Controls for precise assignments and hands-on fun
  • Snapshots enable on-the-fly, mouse-free MIDI patch switching
  • Create layers and splits via keysplit editing
  • Set up both MIDI and audio signals in serial, parallel or both
  • 6 built-in effects – including MIDI Event Player, band-splitter, Velocity/MIDI CC curve editor, waveform scope and more
  • Logic Pro users can use the AU instrument or effect to load VSTs
  • Load up in standalone, or as a VST/AU instrument or effect

Being totally unlimited in terms of functionality, Freestyle CM really does show you everything the full version of Freestyle has to offer, so if you like it and fancy getting the rest of your plugin collection in on the action, head over to the New Sonic Arts website and upgrade for only €129.

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