Foo Fighters enlist ‘superfan’ Michael Bublé for surprise vocal guest-slot on Haven't Met You Yet

Dave Grohl and Josh Freese perform on stage
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It’s well known that Foo Fighters drummer, Josh Freese has had a long and varied career as a hugely-prolific session drummer. So much so, that the session ace has admitted to forgetting having played on some huge songs. But this weekend during Foo Fighters’ headline set at San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival, the band were joined by Michael Bublé for a snippet of his hit, Haven’t Met You Yet, for which Josh Freese recorded the drum track

To welcome the drummer during the band’s packed summer touring schedule, Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foos have been showcasing excerpts of songs by artists Josh has played with over the years during mid-set interludes. However among the Nine Inch Nails (March of the Pigs) and Devo (Whip It) songs is Bublé’s mega-hit from his 2009 album, Crazy Love (co-produced by Bob Rock).

Grohl has been leading the band through the modern crooner classic by humming his way through the melody before reaching the chorus where he sings “I just haven’t f****d you yet” in place of the song’s title. More recently, he’s been inviting audience members up to take over vocal duties.

For Saturday’s performance, Grohl’s skit began by appealing for a volunteer to sing the song. Bublé, thinly disguised as a ‘superfan’ clutching a sign reading ‘I love Bublé’ got the nod, with the chart-topping singer fitting his in-ear monitors while making his way to the stage. 

Bublé grabs the mic dry, and takes the crowd through a verse and chorus before Grohl —by this point swigging from a bottle — cuts in for the punchline, reprising his own version of the song’s final chorus.

“This badass motherf****r, and I’m not even kidding…” Grohl tells the audience “Flew in today from Argentina to sing that song for you guys. There’s no such thing as taking a joke too far.”

Foo Fighters released But Here We Are — the band’s first album following the death of Taylor Hawkins in 2022 — in May. They have tour dates scheduled until January, with a sold-out, seven-date UK tour happening next June.

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