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Fender gives its ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb a Black & Blue makeover with limited-edition guitar amp

Fender has been on a roll with its new Fender Special Run (FSR) models lately, firstly with its Silverburst American Professionals, then its tweed Bassbreaker; now, the company has served up a new take on the ’68 Custom Princeton with this Black & Blue incarnation.

Limited to just 100 units around Europe, the Black & Blue Princeton guitar amp is covered in black lacquered tweed and black grille cloth, and packs a 12” Celestion Blue alnico speaker, as opposed to the original’s 10” Celestion Ten 30.

Otherwise, the pedal-friendly amp is as per the original, packing two 6V6 output tubes, a 5AR4 rectifier, three AX7 preamp tubes, one 12AT7, as well as tube-driven Fender reverb, tube vibrato and a two-button footswitch to control the effects.

The ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb Black & Blue FSR is available now for £1,149.

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