"Fattier than ever" Cheeze Machine synth is back, and the Pro version has an added touch of the Minimoog

Big Tick Audio's original Cheeze Machine plugin synth was a freeware classic that aped the glossy string synth tones of yore. But now it's been taken under the wing of 2getheraudio – makers of K1CK Synth and previous restoration job Ticky Clav 2 – it's been given a whole new spin.

With far more comprehensive oscillator parameters, two programmable LFOs, an extra envelope, signal mixinig and loads more, Cheeze Machine Pro strikes us – not least due to the interface design – as something of a Minimoog tribute.

Indeed, 2getheraudio say it's "fattier than ever", sporting "Fat multi-functional Tarabbia oscillators, a fat warm filter with overdrive and extra resonance, fat hard-sync mono leads, new effects, and modulation options to make your sounds really sing." Sounds fat.

The original Cheeze Machine (and its other 2getheraudio renovation job Cheeze Machine 2) may have been free plugins, but the Pro version will cost you a little. Like 2getheraudio's other paid-for plugins, it's available on a pay-what-you-want pricing scheme, although there's a minimum of $10. What's more, 10% of your payment will go to a charity from your choice of four. Also sounds fat.

You can grab Cheeze Machine Pro now from the 2getheraudio website.