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Ever wondered what the inside of a Roli Seaboard looks like? 9 YouTubers and a Stanley knife find out

Look Mum No Computer was joined by a team of destruction-hungry YouTubers at this year’s Thomann Synth Reactor event, all baying for the blood of a poor, unsuspecting Roli Seaboard Block.

Moreover, the room full of synth-lovers were there to ask one thing: “What is inside a Roli Seaboard?”

Famed for its tactility and MPE control, the Seaboard was put on the block, ready to be sliced open in order to reveal its squishy innards. 

We won’t spoil it for you; check out from 02:30 onwards to see for yourself. However, we were most impressed with the build quality and, despite numerous hammer blows, jammed screwdrivers and hacksaw cuts, the Seaboard Block retained its connection and control of the soft synth.