Ernie Ball Music Man reveals August 2019 Family Reserve models

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The August 2019 lineup of Ernie Ball Music Man’s stunning Family Reserve models has been revealed, with the Valentine receiving a vintage makeover, the Majesty sporting a bold Blue Steakhouse finish, and the Bongo in a gorgeous Wild Cherry Burst.

Each instrument is meticulously crafted from premium tone woods and available in strictly limited numbers.

Valentine in Target Burst

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Limited to 45 pieces, the Valentine has received a stunning makeover. 

It has a double-bound ash body, Atlante block inlay on a bound ebony fretboard, a roasted figured-maple neck with decorative herringbone inlay on the rear, and matching figured-maple headstock. 

The usual premium features are all correct and present. There are Schaller locking tuners, a Custom double-coil pickup in the neck, with a Custom singlecoil in the bridge, and belying the Valentine's vintage vibe there is an onboard active preamp with push/push gain boost.

A Music Man Modern Tremolo bridge with bent-steel saddles offers oodles of super-stable waggle fun.

And then there is that sumptuous finish, which is applied to both sides of the body, and an old-school triple-ply pickguard to complete the look. 

The BFR Valentine is a heartbreaker for sure and is retailing at $3,499.

Majesty in Blue Steakhouse

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The 87 pieces of this Majesty BFR run of John Petrucci's tricked-out signature model are sure to go quick. The first thing to note is this finish, with this spalted maple shield looking very much like a chopping board in the middle of the mahogany guitar. 

Maybe that's where the Blue Steakhouse name comes from. But then there are the DiMarzio Dream Catcher and Rain Maker humbuckers with cream covers, and cream binding on the ebony fretboard . . . All that cream, is that to finish the sauce? 

Either way this is one tasty shred machine. Other premium appointments include a mahogany through-neck and all the Petrucci-specific touches we would see on a Majesty – the Custom John Petrucci Music Man Piezo floating tremolo, the active preamp push/pull gain boost, Schaller locking tuners, and so on.

$4,999 and it's yours. But you'd best be quick.

Bongo five-string bass in Wild Cherry Burst

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If you are enough to grab one of the 57 available BFR Bongo basses in Wild Cherry Burst, you'll find a pair of Music Man Custom active humbuckers with Neodymium magnets seated in a Ash body, a roasted figured-maple neck and matching headstock, and a control layout featuring volume, balance, and a four-band EQ.

That Wild Cherry Burst is really something, and the neck, with satin-smooth finish, is going to be a joy to play, with a very playable long-scale of 34".

These come in at $2,799. Get 'em while they're hot.

See Music Man for more details and stockists.

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