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Erica Synths Pico System III is the full analogue modular synth that you can fit in your bag

Erica Synths Pico System III
(Image credit: Erica Synths)

The words ‘analogue modular synth’ are usually associated with massive wood-panelled instruments, but Erica Synths’ new Pico System III is rather different. Designed to offer a full modular experience, this is a compact, self-contained device that comes in desktop and Eurorack formats.

Erica Synths say it’s designed to take modular synthesis back to basics and to encourage patching creativity. There are 31 inputs, 20 outputs and seven switches, giving you almost limitless scope for experimentation.

If you want a guaranteed result, you can make use of the preset voice cards; five come included, while a further five are empty and be used to develop your own patches. More will be made available via the Erica Synths shop.

Erica Synths Pico System III

(Image credit: Erica Synths)

The included list of modules is as follows:

  • 2-3-4 step sequencer
  • 2x VCOs
  • VCO controller/VCA module
  • Several mixers that work both with CV and audio signals
  • Modulator (syncable LFO, random CV and noise source)
  • 2x voltage-controlled ASR envelope generators
  • 2x low-pass gate and BBD delay

The Pico System III can be pre-ordered now from the Erica Synths website, with shipping set to start on 1 October. The desktop unit costs €450, while the Eurorack module is €400.

Erica Synths Pico System III

(Image credit: Erica Synths)
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