Eric Clapton is helping to fund anti-vax band Jam For Freedom

Eric Clapton
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Eric Clapton has donated to an anti-vax musical project Jam For Freedom, via a donation to the UK band's GoFundMe.

Jam For Freedom is a 'pro-medical choice' group musicians founded by 27-year-old drummer Cambel McLaughlin who play for free in public spaces to spread their message.

After the car the group relied upon to get to performances was rendered unusable after an accident in the Spring, McLaughlin started a GoFundMe to help pay for transport costs and any legal fees Jame For Freedom may encounter. And that's when he came into contact with Clapton.

“I’m, like, this could be fake,” McLaughlin told Rolling Stone, recalling the moment he saw a £1,000 donation from Eric Clapton. After the musician e-mailed the account connected to the donation, he received a text from Slowhand himself.  

 “It was something complimentary, along the lines of, ‘Hey, it’s Eric — great work you’re doing,’ ” explained McLaughlin. The kindred spirits ended up talking by phone and Clapton went further with his support to Jam For Freedom, offering his family’s white, six-person VW Transporter van as a temporary replacement for the band. He also gave a further cash donation (McLaughlin wouldn't confirm the amount to Rolling Stone).

Jam For Freedom

Cambel McLaughlin with Eric Clapton in a photo posted to Jam For Freedom's Facebook page on 30 September 2021 (Image credit: Jam For Freedom / Facebook)

Clapton even suggested to he might guest with Jam For Freedom at some point. 

The news of Clapton's help follows his outspoken support of the anti-vax movement. It followed the 76-year-old receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine and complaining of severe reactions to it in May. He later joined with Van Morrison to record an anti-vax and lockdown song Stand And Deliver, then tracked what has been interpreted as his own called This Has Gotta Stop.

In July, Clapton also released a statement refusing to play venues where proof of a Covid vaccine is required.  

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