Entangled Space is the kind of bonkers effects processor Aphex Twin probably wishes he had 30 years ago

Destiny Plus' Entanglement Space is a 32-bit effects processor that features 'time complicating attenuation', multiple instruments being 'routed through entanglement' and 'zero reverb flanging time based effects'. A standard fuzz pedal this is not, then. Let's try and untangle the entanglements.

So it's creating complex algorithms from – as we'll see later – complex algorithms. This is getting complex, then...

The main processing in Entanglement Space features four cores, each of which has 16 algorithms – so far so good – but these algorithms can then be "entangled with other core programs to create your own complex algorithms / spectral palettes for the stereo field or quadraphonic space". 

So it's creating complex algorithms from – as we'll see later – complex algorithms. This is getting complex, then, and sounds more like an outtake from Tron than an effects box (but we do like the fact that 'quadraphonic' sound is making a comeback from the 1970s – youngsters might know it as 4.0 surround sound these days). Anyway moving on…

Destiny Plus Entanglement Space

(Image credit: Destiny Plus)

Alongside the 64 algorithms are 12 modulators, and these feature 'time complicating attenuation'. We're guessing that's some kind of LFO-style randomisation, otherwise we're fearing time travel might be involved. But either way, these can be applied to control voltage on six differential parameters of each of the 64 algorithms, which sounds pretty cool. 

Summing up – we think – it seems that the core of the processing is the 64 entanglement space algorithms, and the fact is that these are pretty wild to start with, morphing between pitch, amplitude and a load of other effects. These then entangle with programs, and then you get a dozen modulators to apply to several parameters and the whole thing can take place across four sets of processors. Think we've got it. Easy really.  

Anyway, we might have that all wrong, but the results are, as you might expect, pretty out there. Whether you'll be using Entanglement in your next trance anthem or pop country smash is debatable – this really is for the, shall we say, more leftfield producer. 

Rather than us try and explain it, though, check out the results via the video above to hear just how algorithms entangling with programs sound. And the voiceover – a child reading the press release – adds a tongue-in-cheek layer to proceedings to the point that we're now not sure if we've been had, jumped forward to the future or simply slipped into a parallel universe.

The price of Entangles Space is still TBA. In the meantime, get yourself more entangled here.  

Andy Jones

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