Eddie Vedder covers The Cure's Just Like Heaven with Chad Smith

Eddie Vedder
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The Cure are now on tour and debuting brand new songs from their forthcoming album but one of their old classics has just got the tribute treatment from Eddie Vedder.

The Pearl Jam frontman's Earthling solo band played Just Like Heaven at their Las Vegas show at Dolby Live on 7 October with Andrew Watt, Chris Chaney, Josh Klinghoffer and Chad Smith featuring.  

"Some good things came out of Covid, my wife and I started having these pretty wild dance parties in our garage," explained Vedder, introducing the 1987 song. "I will always have great memories of those incredible dance parties. The kids would come in and check on us, then kind of get embarrassed and have to leave.

"This song, this is one of the ones that we would play [at those parties] and we've never played it [live] before – we only played it about an hour ago before we came on," the singer admitted. 

Vedder's on a roll with tributes to his heroes lately; at California's Ohana Festival on 30 September he guested with Stevie Nicks to perform Tom Petty's parts on their duet Stop Dragging My Heart Around. But that wasn't all…

The following night he played tribute to Petty again at the event by covering Room At The Top and The Waiting with The Heartbreakers' Mike Campbell on guitar. 

The former song was halted by Vedder when he spotted an incident in the crowd before the singer / guitarist and band picked it back up. 

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