NAMM 2022: Eastman gave us the Romeo guitar, now it brings us Juliet

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NAMM 2022: A solid piece of okume for a rock n' roll machine; the Juliette is entering the NAMM show with a confident strut in the wake of Eastman's success with the semi-hollow Romeo

It's the company's first electric guitar with a six-a-side headstock (featuring Gotoh tuners), thought we can't help draw comparisons to Fano's design here, but variation is provided within the line by three distinct iterations offerings with three finishes.

'Juliet is an evolution of Romeo’s ergonomic carves and graceful curves, sculpted for maximum comfort and playability,' states Eastman. The 25.5"-scale model features an offset one-piece okume body with raised centre bar and laid-in pickguard.

Eastman claims that centre bar is good for sustain, especially with the one-piece body. The finishes are rather traditional and limited by today's standards though with Antique Varnish Black, Pomona Blonde and Vintage Red differentiating the three different options. 

We've always liked Eastman's ear for slecting third party pickups from some of the best makers in the world and the Juliet is no exception. The Vintage Red Juliet-P90-VR (£1,499) features a Gotoh bridge and tailpiece with Bare Knuckle Old Guard P-90s.

The Pomona Blonde Juliet-PB features the same bridge and tailpiece with Bare Knuckle Old Guard humbuckers. The Antique Varnish Black Juliet/v-B-BK (£1,859) features the same pickups with a Bigsby B5 with Goeldo HWG2N 3 Point Vario Bridge. 

All the Juliets showcase Eastman's commitment to high spec wiring and hardware; Schaller 3-Way Megaswitch, .047 Orange Drop capacitors, CTS 500K Audio Taper pots, Switchcraft #11 jacks, bone nuts and Jescar FW47104-P frets with 12" radius ebony fingerboards. 

They'll begin shipping in August. More info at Eastman Guitars

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