Zildjian paints it black with Pitch Black cymbals

None more black
None more black

Nigel Tufnel: "It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."

Zildjian took Tufnel's keen observations to heart and has introduced the Pitch Black cymbal series - part of a growing trend,as it turns out - specifically designed for rock and metal applications.

The first-ever color-coated cymbals in the company's history, the series features eight models including a 22" Ride, 20" Crash Ride, 18" and 16" Crashes, 13" Splash, 15" Mastersound HiHats, 14" HiHats and an 18" China.

Accordinng to company reps, utilizing a proprietary coating process, all Pitch Black cymbals are made from Zildjian's high-performance Bronze 12 Alloy which features enhanced tin content for a richer sound.

The coating process allows the cymbals to be durable and visually striking while still opening up as a cymbal should. Heavier weights and large sizes combined with new profiles, cups, lathing and hammering techniques help to deliver the brightness and presence required for Rock and Metal applications.

Here's the price breakdown (all figures US):

Ride - $336.00
Crash Ride - $305.00
Crash 18" - $255.00
Crash 16" - $225.00
Splash - $153.00
HiHats 14" pair - $344.00
HiHats 14" top - $172.00
HiHats 14" bottom - $172.00
Mastersound HiHats 15" pair - $396.00
Mastersound HiHats 15" top - $198.00
Mastersound HiHats 15" bottom - $198.00
China - $225

They look cool, but the only thing we're curious about - well, except for how they sound - is how the hell do you see them on a dimly lit stage? The nice folks at Zildjian have promised us a set for review, so we'll let you know soon enough.

For more information, contact the official Zildjian website.

Joe Bosso

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