Vote for your favourite groove drummers

The Roots' drummer is known for his groove
The Roots' drummer is known for his groove (Image credit: Gonzales Photo/Christian Hjorth/The Hell Gate/Corbis)

For a forthcoming issue of Rhythm, we're asking who are your favourite all-time groove drummers? Those players whose feel and pocket are so sublime that they make any track groove effortlessly. It's not all about the chops - although chopsy players may apply - but rather an ability to stay in the pocket and provide a head-nodding, hip-shakingly good drum groove.

We've started with our favourites - with a suggested track to seek out or watch on YouTube, to remind you of these guys' amazing groove. You can also cast a vote for any drummer we may have missed. What a list it is already, so we appreciate how hard it might be picking just one - so you can pick up to three of your favourite groove drummers! Vote away!